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Local Business Spotlight: Badcock & More

Badcock’s Home Furniture & More has more than 300 hundred stores across the Southeast. The chain serves thousands of customers a year, ranging from the tidewater of Virginia to the Mississippi Delta, but the storefront in our community is uniquely Eufaula.

Paul Holley, who began his career with Badcock’s as delivery man in Albany, Ga., runs the day-to-day operations of the Eufaula location. And while the Badcock name is a regional brand, the Eufaula store is run like a home-owned business.

“My father-in-law opened Badcock’s back in 1992 at a location downtown,” Holley said. “We were there for six years, and had the option of buying that location or moving to somewhere new. We bought this land here, and built a new store and here we are today.”

Badcock, as a corporation, began in 1904 in Mulberry, Florida. Over the last 100-plus years, the company has evolved from a simple furniture store, into a thriving one-stop shop for most house fitting needs.

Holley says the Eufaula location has basically anything one would need.

“We have bedroom and living room sets, as well as electronics and appliances,” said Holley. “We can help you out with just about anything from furniture to area rugs and even bedding. They can come to the store or go online to handle anything. They have the option of doing financing online, as well.”

While Holley and staff come to work every day to make a sell, he says the deal is just the first interaction. It’s the second, third, fourth and every day after that keeps him coming back to help the citizens of the town he calls home.

“We live in this community every day,” said Holley. “The people we serve are the same people we see day in and day out. It’s not like a really big city where you might see people a couple times a year. Here you do business with people and become friends because you see them all the time.”

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