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Local Business Spotlight: Barbour County United Way

Education. Income. Health.

Those three key aspects of daily life are the main focuses for the Wiregrass United Way, and Barbour County United Way.

The United Way has held a presence in Barbour County for decades, and works every day to make the area a better place to live for those who call it home.

“The United Way helps provide funding for agencies and non-profit organizations that help the community, said Kent Thomas, Barbour County director. “United Way holds a campaign every year to raise funds, and then they distribute those funds to organizations. By doing it that way, the organizations don’t have to stop the work they are doing and raise the funds themselves.”

Each fall, the Barbour County United Way partners with the other five counties in the Wiregrass to take part in an all-day campaign kickoff caravan.

The kickoff event, which is held in downtown Eufaula each year, helps get the word out about the upcoming donation campaign.

“The kickoff event is held each year to let the community know the campaign has started, said Thomas.  “It is also a way for us to spotlight our folks that contributed early, and they are called ‘pace setters.’ For the past eight years, the Wiregrass United Way – which we are a part of – has done a bus tour with Miss Alabama and the campaign chairs in each of the six counties. It is a big, fun event that lets everyone know United Way is here, show what we do and ready to start the campaign.”

Donating to the United Way is one way to lend a hand in your community. To donate, visit the Wiregrass United Way website at and click the “donate” tab. There is also information about volunteering in your county and making a difference in the lives of someone local.

Thomas said those that donate can rest easy knowing their money will be put to good use in their neighborhoods.

“One penny of every dollar goes to United Way Worldwide for things like branding and marketing,” said Thomas. “The rest of the money donated – 99 cents of every dollar donated - stays right here in Barbour County. Your money goes a long way for these local organizations.”

Thomas sees the value in the United Way each day he goes to work. As the director of the Barbour County Clearinghouse, he works with other non-profit agencies daily and sees the impact United Way has on the community

“I am the director of the Barbour County Clearinghouse,” said Thomas. “That is my main job. We would not be able to open our doors or provide the things we do without the support and funds from the United Way. The agencies here in the area do great work and that wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of United Way.”

If you are interested in donating or volunteering here in Barbour County, call 334-687.2896.

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