Local Business Spotlight: Barrett-Simpson, Inc.

For almost 25 years, Barrett-Simpson has been putting its stamp on Alabama and Georgia.

As a civil engineer and surveying firm, Barrett-Simpson works with developers and private citizens to create environmentally-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing sites for potential business growth and structures.

BSI is experienced in designing mixed use shopping centers, traditional shopping malls, as well as in-line retail centers and stand alone pad sites.  The company also designs each aspect of a site and can incorporate features such as entry amenities, water features, clock towers, seating areas, scenic landscaping, lakes & ponds.  

Bill Barrett, Vice President of BSI, said the company takes pride in all of its projects.

“We provide engineering services to a lot of different clients,” said Barrett. “We do a lot of work with what we call ‘civil site design’ with apartment complexes and other residential structures. We do work with parking lots, streets, waters systems, sewer systems and more of the things that go in to those projects.”

They surveying portion of BSI works nearly hand-in-hand with the site development and engineering wing. Surveying potential sites is required before work can begin, and is sometimes needs after project completion.

“On the surveying side, a lot of our work is in support of our engineering projects,” said Barrett. “Obviously, before you design a project, you have to take a topographical survey of the property. As the project is being built, it needs to be staked out for construction and other things. After the project is built, the company often needs surveys conducted for financing.”

Barrett-Simpson also assists citizens with surverying needs associated with their own property. No matter the acreage of your land, BSI can help you nail down the exact size and boundary.

“We also do surveys for the general public,” said Barrett. “It could be something as small and simple as someone wanting to put a fence up around their yard and wanting to know exactly where the property line falls, or it could be a larger tract of land that needs to be divided. There are a lot of different aspects of surveying, and we cover a little bit of everything at one time or another.”

Barrett-Simpson’s home office is now located in Phenix City. The company also operates an office in Opelika.

After operating in Eufaula for years, the company made the decision to close the Eufaula office a few years ago, and shift most of the day-to-day business to its Phenix City and Opelika locations. A little more than a year ago, the company re-opened the Eufaula office for daily business.

Today’s tech-heavy way of doing business allows for better communication between the three branches, and having a brick-and-mortar location in Eufaula allows for the company to have an established presence in the community.

“The reason we are here is twofold,” Barrett said. “The primary reason is that this is home. Most of our surveying people are from Eufaula or the surrounding area. It is more convenient for everyone to work. In today’s world with new technology, it really doesn’t matter where your base is.”

For more information, visit www.Barrett-Simpson.com or stop by their Eufaula office at 121 W. Broad Street.