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Local Business Spotlight: BeautiControl By Blakely

When Blakely Stephenson started a side job to make a little extra money, she never imagined it would turn in to a career.

For the last dozen years, she has taken pride in making folks look as pretty on the outside as the feel on the inside.

Stephenson owns and operated a BeautiControl franchise from her home office, and make trips throughout the community with her “storefront on wheels.”

“I have a ‘mobile business’,” Stephenson said. “I can come to the workplace and help employees have a less stressful and more productive day with spascapes. I also have a home office where I do one-on-one makeup consultations. I also do pageant and bridal makeup as well. There are quite a few different facets of my business, and I enjoy each of them.

Stephenson’s mom dabbled in BeautiControl for years, and Blakeley got her start in the makeup and makeover business in her college dorm room.

When her dreams of being a country music star didn’t pan out – Stephenson said with a sly smile – she married young and found herself in need of a career.

“My mom told me once ‘Blakely, you need a job!’,” said Stephenson with a laugh. “I taught aerobics for a while and the BeautiControl part came a little later. I’ve never known life without BeautiControl, so when life happened, I got to work.”

For more than 10 years, Stephenson has plied her craft in makeup and helping others look good in what they wear. However, she is quick to tell her clients that her opinion is nowhere near the most important voice they will hear.

“If I like it or not, it really doesn’t matter,” Stephenson said. “If you like it, that is all that matters. If you think you look like a million bucks in hot pink lipstick, then that is all you need to wear. Like what you like and just own it. If you have confidence in it, then that will show no matter what you are wearing or how your makeup is done.”

A few weeks ago, Stephenson received shocking news out of the blue. After more than 10 years with BeautiControl, the company was being folded.

Tupperware Corp., the owners of BeautiControl, received an offer from another company to purchase the brand, but decline and instead shut BeautiControl down.

The news left Stephenson unsure about her future, but after a few days of pondering she decided to keep her career on the move.

“I regrouped from the shock and got a game plan together,” said Stephenson. “My clients jumped on board with it. I don’t know the new name yet, but it will be something different in the new year. We are going to keep going with a big thanks to the loyal people of Eufaula.”

No matter the branding on the company, Stephenson puts in the same work every day. She does it all for one simple reason: her clients deserve it.

I take a lot of pride in wanting to be the best for my clients,” said Stephenson. “Without them, I wouldn’t be in business and wouldn’t be able to be the wife and mom I love to be. I owe it all to them, and work to make sure they get what they want.”

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