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Local Business Spotlight: Big H Chicken

For more than 30 years, the Hartzog family has brought their family recipes to the tables across the Chattahoochee valley, including right here in Eufaula.

Big H Chicken, located on S. Eufaula Avenue, has your next meal waiting on you right now. Owner Kim Allen enjoys carrying on the family business and serving her friends, neighbors and customers.

“We are a family business,” said Allen. “My mother’s side of the family are Hartzogs – so that is where the Big H or Hartz comes from. Almost 40 years ago, my parents started the franchise here. Over time, it was passed to me. We take a lot of pride and satisfaction bringing happiness to people.”

As the name suggests, chicken is the specialty item on the menu. Whether you prefer it fried, baked, barbecued or prepared in a different way, Big H has you covered.

Allen said what separates their chicken from others isn’t a family secret, but just an extra step in the prep process.

“A lot of places don’t do the prep and marinating that we do here,” said Allen. “We marinate our chicken for a while before it goes in the fryer. Some places the skin is good, but the chicken will be dry. If you don’t marinate it, it won’t have that great taste.”

If chicken isn’t your dish of choice, have no fear. Each day of the week brings a new feature item to the buffet.

Monday: Meat Loaf

Tuesday: Pork Chops

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken

Thursday: Spaghetti

Friday: Fish

Saturday: Meatballs and Gravy

 Sunday: Homemade dressing

No matter the day of the week or the item on the menu, Allen said running a successful restaurant boils down to one simple, important thing

“Good food is the key,” Allen said with a smile. “As long as you put out good food, the people will come through the door to eat it.”

For more information on Big H, visit their location at 1089 S. Eufaula Avenue or call them at 334.687.5100.

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