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Local Business Spotlight: Biggers Blackmon, LLC

If you are unsure about your financial future, there is help available closer than you think.

Biggers Blackmon, LLC is more than a CPA firm. The locally-owned business can help someone manage their wealth, handle investments or plan and prep for taxes.

Chris Blackmon, financial advisor, says the goal of Biggers Blackmon is to give their clients peace of mind about the finances.

“In its simplest form, we help people feel better about their financial situation and their financial future by answering any question they may have,” said Blackmon.

Being financially stable and independent is important to everyone, and working with the team at Biggers Blackmon can help you reach your long-term goal.

Services offered at Biggers Blackmon include: financial planning offered through Commonwealth Financial, retirement strategies, income for life, qualified plan services, education planning, insurance planning and more.

For more details on each service offered, contact Biggers Blackmon at 334.687.6659.

If one is not quite sure they want to invest, Janis Biggers offered an east first on the road to financial independence.

“Everyone that has access to a 401K plan through their job should take advantage of it,” Biggers said. “If you don’t have it, you should have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA.) Those two options are the first easy ways to start.”

Janis opened the investment firm after working for years in other ventures in Eufaula. Chris became interested in his mother’s line of work early in life, and followed his dream of working in the business and alongside his mom.

The mother-son team at Biggers Blackmon is an interesting dynamic that each of the partners enjoys.

“It has been wonderful working with a family member,” said Chris. “You have someone great that you can learn from and you know they always have your best interest at heart.”

Janis echoed his sentiments.

“I love having someone that I can totally trust to take care of my clients when I am not able to,” Janis said.

While not a native Eufaulian, Biggers has called the town home for more than two decades. Eufaula is home to her, and she is thrilled to help the local community grow and prosper.

She sees the success of her clients and her business are tied.

“We want to see our clients be successful, and if they are, we will be,” said Biggers.

For more information on the services offered or how to get started managing your finances, visit or stop by the office on Rivers Street in Eufaula.

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