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Local Business Spotlight: Covenant Presbyterian Church

Caleb Galloway stands in the pulpit every Sunday morning and brings the gospel to the congregation gathered at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

However, it is the relationships and actions of the church outside the brick-and-mortar walls he is most proud of.

Covenant got going in 1991 as a beginning church and elected leadership six years later, becoming a recognized church in the faith. Galloway arrived in 2013 fresh out of seminary school in St. Louis.

“I am from a tiny town in Geneva County called Black, Alabama,” Galloway said. “My wife is from Letohatchee in Lowndes County, another small town. We understand the lives and struggles of small town people and life, and the spiritual influence it can have.”

Galloway and staff restructured some of ways the congregation met, doing away with traditional Wednesday night in-church bible study and moving to community-based small groups. The move provided members to meet inside the comfort of a friend’s home, have a meal and discuss different topics.

The move fits right it with Galloway’s vision of having the church and its members more engaged with each other and the community.

“We don’t want to just have a physical footprint here in Eufaula,” said Galloway. “We want to have an impact spiritually, socially and emotionally in this community. Our vision statement is “Follow Christ, grow God’s family and renew our community.” We want to foster spiritual growth in whatever we can through healthy families and friendships.”

To assist with their goal of fostering families and friendships, Covenant offers its location to local organizations, such as the Child Advocacy Center and home-school groups. Outside of the church building, Galloway said he has enjoyed his time mentoring and serving local high school football teams as chaplain.

Galloway said one of the most important things Jesus did was to walk the streets and hills of the Galilean countryside talking, helping and encouraging people he encountered. He feels the same type of work could be done on the sidewalks and communities of Eufaula.

“We exist as a church for the service of our community,” said Galloway. “We want people to be encouraged by the truth of the gospel and through what we do. We want to build and strengthen relationships – vertically with God and horizontally with one another.

Covenant holds weekly Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. at their location at 1136 N. Eufaula, and has youth activities on Sunday evening during the school year. For those not able to be in the sanctuary, all of Covenant’s sermons are uploaded to SoundCloud and the church website ( following the service.

If someone is interested in visiting Covenant for a service or is looking for more information, Galloway is more than willing to help.

“Check us out on Facebook because we have all of our announcements, can subscribe to our weekly email and even download a church bulletin to see what service is like,” said Galloway. “People are welcome to come at 10:30 on Sundays, or they can contact me and I will meet them for lunch. I love to go to lunches with folks and meet them face to face and answer any questions they may have.”

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