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Local Business Spotlight: Doug Design

Since he was a child, Doug Blackmon has always been fascinated with the design process and how an idea becomes a creation.

Doug Design, Blackmon’s company, allows him to follow his passion and create custom artwork for individuals and businesses.

Starting his own design company was something Blackmon yearned to do for years. He made the jump with $300 down and never looked back.

“I have always liked graphics, signage and art things,” said Blackmon. “It was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, but the price of the equipment made it impossible for me at the time. I started this business with a $300 investment and began to learn some of the programs and techniques.”

Doug Design is a one-stop sign shop that can handle projects ranging from small campaign-signs all the way up to large display signage for restaurants and businesses.

Blackmon can also help businesses with promotional materials, such as custom logos, flags and more. When a customer uses Doug Design, they can rest assured the product they will receive will be high quality and last for several years.

 “I don’t use the lowest grade materials when I build my stuff,” Blackmon said. “It’s my name on the product, and I want it to last. Some people in the sign business work under the thought that using lower quality material will help them get the business back in a few years. That’s not how I work. I want the product to last so people will know they get a good quality product from me.”

Each project, large or small, presents new challenges and new opportunities. That challenge is something Blackmon looks forward to with every new client request.

“I like challenges,” said Blackmon. “Designing a one-off creation of a sign requires some engineering background – wind load, what is it being mounted to, how will the layers work. All of that comes in to play when designing signage. Each one is a little different from the last. It allows you to always gather information to apply to the next unique creation.”

Blackmon was born and raised in the Cuthbert, Georgia area, but refers to Eufaula as his home. He loves the area and wants to see it and the other business owners in the area succeed.

Working with other business owners allows him the opportunity to help his community grow and prosper.

“I grew up some here as a kid, and now to be back as an adult making a difference in people’s businesses is great,” said Blackmon. “My motto is ‘Making Eufaula beautiful again one sign at a time.’ This area has always had a special meaning to me. I want to get that quality product out to people and make a difference.”

For more information on Doug Design or its services, check out the company’s Facebook page @TheRealDougDesign.

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