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Local Business Spotlight: El Jalisco Mexican Grill

Tucked away under the shade trees of East Broad Street, El Jalisco Mexican Grill has quickly turned in to one of Eufaula’s top restaurants for visitors and locals.

Like many entrepreneurs in the area, El Jalisco owner Yadira Chavez isn’t a native Eufaulian. However, her love for the community started the first time she stepped foot in town and has never left.

“I came to Eufaula to visit a cousin,” said Chavez. “While I was here, I fell in love with the town. We then made the decision to move up here with my family and start a business. We haven’t looked back since!”

El Jalisco features traditional Mexican dishes such as fajitas, tacos, nachos, enchiladas and more, as well as some American dishes – burgers and sandwiches -  with a little added zest.

Chavez knew the food would bring the customers in, but she wanted to be more than just another place to grab dinner. She set out to make each customer that dined at her place feel welcomed and appreciated.

“I knew that I had to make a personal connection with the people before they would come,” Chavez said. “Once I made a connection, I knew they would respond back. Eufaula is a small town where everyone knows each other. When you do something for someone, they will always pay it back to you. I knew that from the beginning.”

Having a “home” in downtown Eufaula is one of Chavez’s favorite parts of being an owner. She loves the atmosphere and beauty of Broad Street and cherishes each day she gets to spend at the restaurant.

“This is the best part of Eufaula,” Chaves said with a smile. “All of Eufaula is great, but down here you have a little bit of everything. Downtown there is history, tradition, beauty, great people and more. I love it here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

The next time you are wanting a delicious, satisfying meal stop by El Jalisco Mexican Grill in downtown Eufaula. The food being you in, but the hospitality will keep you coming back.

“I love to see someone new every single day,” said Chavez. “I never get bored here. I get to talk to my friends every day. The people that come in here aren’t just my customers. They are truly my friends.”

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