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Local Business Spotlight: Eufaula Athletics

She saw a need for her community, and Diane Moshell acted on it.

Moshell owns Eufaula Athletics, a cheerleading and tumbling gym, on North Eufaula Avenue, and truly loves her job.

“I don’t cheer or tumble,” Moshell said. “My daughter does all of it and that is why I got in to it. I love sports and athletics for children and this business opportunity became available. This town needs this and I am very happy to be able to provide this for the community.”

The gym at Eufaula Athletics looks nothing like a hardware store – as it was in a former life – however every tool an aspiring gymnast or cheerleader could ask for.

A competition spring floor, beams, pads and mats are just some of the items Eufaula Athletics possesses.

“For our competition cheer teams, we put together teams in the summer and the group goes through April,” Moshell said. “We learn a routine that is two-and-a-half minutes long and we travel to competition in Atlanta, Birmingham, Ft. Walton Beach, Montgomery and sometimes Dothan to compete against teams in similar age and skill level. It combines cheer, dance, tumbling and stunts.

In addition to the tumbling gym, Moshell also operation EA Archery out of the facility.

Located in the rear of the building, EA Archery houses 20 shooting lanes with a variety of targets, including some 3D targets.

Like cheer and tumbling, Moshell wasn’t an archer prior to opening the range.

“One of my cheer coaches also shoots a bow,” said Moshell. “She and a couple of other friends convinced me to put in the indoor archery range. We have had a lot of interest in it because quite a few folks bow hunt. We have people from six to sixty taking part.”

Competition cheer is a year-long program, while the tumbling gym is open to the public with no commitment. Archery classes are done on an as-needed basis. If interested in any of the programs at Eufaula Athletics, find them on Facebook or visit

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