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Local Business Spotlight: Eufaula Drugs

Jim Scarborough purchased Eufaula Drugs in 1988, and over the last 29 years has carved out a special place in Eufaula.

Jim, along with his wife Anna, see their customers as more than dollars, cents and names on a roll. They take pride in helping their fellow Eufaulians.

“We have seven or eight amazing employees, and customer service is our specialty,” said Anna Scarborough. “We really thrive in helping our customers, patient counseling and making sure they are taken care of. There is no doubt that customer care is our top priority.”

With the years of quality work, Scarborough had built a trust with his customers and continues to gain more each year. Eufaula Drugs often goes above and beyond to ensure their customers are treated right and get the items they need.

Being a locally-owned pharmacy in a small town has its perks, and personally knowing each customer that comes through the door is important for the owners.

“We take pride in knowing our customers when they walk through the door,” said Scarborough. “We see them and immediately go to the basket and get their medicines out for them. They are like family to us, and they say the same thing about us. We can take of all of their needs.”

In addition to filling prescriptions and offering an abundance of over-the-counter remedies, Eufaula Drugs also sells gift items.

The gift shop portion of the pharmacy is Anna’s area of expertise, and is a hit during the holiday shopping season when those noses begin to run and the sniffles come back.

“We are a husband-and-wife team, and I have a gift shop out front,” said Scarborough. “We love offering gifts and items to our customers. It has been a thriving and great addition to the pharmacy. A lot of times people will come in the door needing medicine, and do a little shopping up front too. It’s a good combination.”

If you need a prescription filled or you are in search of that perfect one-of-a-kind gift item, be sure to stop at Eufaula Drugs at 146 E. Broad Street in downtown Eufaula.

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