Local Business Spotlight: Eufaula Heritage Association

The Seth Lore and Irwinton Historic District in the second largest historic district in the state of Alabama and home to more than 700 sites of National Register of Historic places.

“Our main goal is to preserve the heritage here in Eufaula,” Snead said. “We are fortunate to have our office inside Shorter Mansion. How many people can say they get to go to work every day inside a beautiful treasure like we have here. We want to preserve any history in our town.”

The Eufaula Pilgrimage, one of the larger events of its kind in the southeast United States, is in its 53rd year in 2018. The Pilgrimage opens many of the private residences in the historic district, in addition to Shorter Mansion and Fendall Hall, to hundreds of tourists on the first weekend of April each year.

The 2018 Pilgrimage will feature home tours, book signings, brunches and other celebrations. In a small change from previous years, the majority of the home tours will be conducted on Friday and Saturday. The annual Antique Show, held at the Chamber, and Shorter Manison tours will be the main events on Sunday.

The Pilgrimage is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Heritage Association, and the events continues to grow every year.

“In the very beginning, Mrs. Fonnie Strang – one of our first board members – thought a pilgrimage would be a great way to raise money.” Said Snead. “It has grown so much over the year. Not only is it the biggest event in town, but it is the biggest event in the state. We win awards every year for having the biggest, best tour of homes.”

Home tours during the Pilgrimage are $7.00 each, or visitors can purchase a package for the entire collection for just $60.

Snead said ticket purchases are rolling in every day, and have been for several weeks.

“We have sold more tickets online at this point this year than we ever have,” said Snead. “Sometimes it’s in March before your hit a big, big number, but the first time we had sun back in February the calls started coming in.”

The Eufaula Heritage Association is one of the prime stops for most visitors to Eufaula, and one of the biggest symbols of pride for residents. Snead knows and understands this, so each day she and the staff work hard on a daily basis to make sure our town is well represented.

“I love coming here every day,” said Snead. “I love the people and history in this town. I couldn’t imagine staying home and not having a chance to promote Eufaula. We are normally the first stop folks make here. It is so fun to meet folks from all over. “