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Local Business Spotlight: Eufaula Jet Center

Business executives and travelers from all over the globe fly through Eufaula, so Eric Langham wants them to experience a little piece of southern hospitality.

Langham owns the Eufaula Jet Center, located adjacent to Weedon Field. Eufaula Jet is the first view of Eufaula for nearly every person who flies in, and the lasting memory of everyone who embarks home.

“When corporate people come to town, most of the time they fly in,” Langham. “The first thing they see is our airport. We usually see between two and four corporate aircraft a week. We also service planes and helicopters, including the fueling. We want to smooth out the road bumps for our customers that come through here.”

The facility features warm, inviting murals painted on every wall and soft, comfortable chairs and couches to allow passengers and pilots a chance to relax after spending hours in the air.

Grace Tyler, who runs the day-to-day operations of the Jet Center makes it a point to welcome every single person that passes through. She even offers up a special homemade present.

I try to live by the saying ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’,” said Tyler. “I always our place to be inviting. I try to have soft jazz music in the background all times, and we bake cookies throughout the day to give to our guests. We take pride in making sure everyone that comes through has an enjoyable experience.”

The Eufaula Jet Center sees plenty of business and corporate traffic, but it also is home to quite a few weekend aviators. The Jet Center houses planes for local citizens, and serves as an in-between stop for travels.

“We see a fair number of leisure flyers,” said Langham. “Some of the people here in Eufaula are our customers, and have planes out here. We are not so much a destination airport, such as somewhere near the beach, but we do get a lot of north-south traffic from travelers.”

Serving the public is something Langham takes seriously and does with pride. He enjoys every day he gets to spend at work, mostly because he gets to help a variety of travelers.

“I get to see a very diverse part of the population,” Langham said. “Gov. Bentley, Gov. Rile, Dr. Ben Carson and Mr. Mike Huckabee have all been through here. These are people I would never encounter in my day-to-day life if I did something else. Then you get people that are on the way to a family event or vacation. It is just a new thing every day.”

Eufaula Jet Center is located at 1730 N. Eufaula Avenue. They can be reached by calling 334.687.2051.

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