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Local Business Spotlight: Gardner Animal Hospital

Dr. Jim Gardner treats his customers like family…no matter how many legs they have.

Gardner, along with his wife Ann, own and operate Gardner Animal Hospital in Eufaula, and have been a staple in the community for nearly three decades.

After graduating from Auburn, Gardner moved to Tennessee working primarily with large animals, such as horses and cows. However, his work with animals goes back further.

“I grew up on a farm in Auburn, and it was sort of ingrained in me that I wanted to do something in the animal industry. We had used the services of the guys at Auburn on our farm, and I wound up going to vet school.”

Gardner plied his craft working with large and small animals for four years in Tennessee, but being over eight hours from home and his beloved Auburn football, would put him on the move.

“My wife grew up in Cottonwood, and it just so happened that Andy Calloway was looking to sell his practice,” Gardner said. “Eufaula just seemed to fit what we were looking for.”

Nowadays, Gardener practices mainly on small animals and pets, as well as a couple of horses in the area. However, it doesn’t matter what size the patient is, Gardner and staff treat them as if they were their own.

“We do a lot of preventive medicine,” Gardner said. “We don’t like to wait until they get sick and then fix them – but we can do that if needed. Veterinary medicine these days is getting more in to the preventive side. We do a lot blood work once a pet reaches a certain age to catch things early and treat them.”

With one of the leading animal science schools in the country just an hour away, Gardner is quick to inform his patient’s owners of issues that require a little more intensive care. He says having Auburn close by is a “luxury” that most don’t have.

Ann has been at Jim’s side through the entire process, and summed up their relationship with the community in a short, simple and effective way.

“It has been a blessing to be able to provide services to a family that has been a family to our family.”

If your favorite four-legged friend is in need of a doctor visit, give Gardner Animal Hospital a call at 334.687.4722.

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