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Local Business Spotlight: Happy Tails

It’s official. Ten-out-of-ten pups agree that Happy Tails is where they want to be.

Julie Threatt operates Happy Tails, a dog boarding and day care, one of Eufaula’s newest and most unique businesses, and invites you and your fur baby to come check it out.

Threatt says her business is almost identical to “regular” for two-legged friends in that the attendees learn social skills, get personalized care and enhance their quality of life.

“The dogs learn socialization,” said Threatt. “By nature, dogs are pack animals, so there is a need to be around others. It helps them get their needed exercise every day. We are out with the dogs and they are around others all day. It takes a lot of the anxiety away from being penned up and not interacting while their owners are at work.

Julie, along with husband Jason, traveled all over the country researching business models and other dog day-care facilities to make sure Eufaula was well-represented.

Happy Tails has multiple spacious climate-controlled dog suites, a stainless-steel wash tub for baths and roughly 6,200 sq. ft. of play space. The play area encompasses a 4,000 sq. ft outdoor, AstroTurfed outside area, and 1,200 sq. ft. of an indoor play room.

Threatt also said there are speakers throughout the facility to provide fun play-time music or soothing napping noise.

The facility Threatt has put together is second-to-none, and she is proud to offer the amenities to the owners and dogs of her area.

“I spent as much time as I could learning, talking to other business owners, going to conferences and more to educate myself on how other people did it,” said Threatt. “My husband and I visited other facilities in other towns. There is huge network of owners that are thrilled for you to be doing this. The more research we did, the more we felt it would be a great resource for the town.”

If dog daycare isn’t for you and your pup, Happy Tails also offers boarding services.

We want to take our pets with us everywhere we go, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible. If you find yourself in that position, Threatt and staff are here to help.

Boarding begins at just $20 a day, and all boarded dogs receive 90 minutes of outside playtime during the day.

“All of our overnight rooms are in a conditioned space, with the smallest being 4x6 feet,” said Threatt. “We provide cots for them to sleep on and bowls for meals. The spaces are pretty roomy, and we have had as many as four dogs in one room and there is still room. We try to make it as home-like as we can. The boarded dogs also get playtime outside as well.”

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