Local Business Spotlight: Liberty Learning Foundation

Being an educator at heart, Reeivice Girtman loves to see young children growing, learning and understanding.

After years in the classroom at four different Eufaula schools, Girtman is now using Liberty Learning Foundation’s techniques and vision to help mold today’s students in to tomorrow’s leaders.

Liberty Learning Foundation is a non-profit organization facilitating active civics and character programs in K-12 classrooms and orchestrating events that empower schools, parents, local leaders and businesses to take ownership in the future of community and country.

Girtman was first introduced to Liberty Learning Foundation during his time as principal at Eufaula Elementary. A chance conversation with a friend completely changed the learning atmosphere at EES, and eventually Girtman’s career.

“The last three years at Eufaula Elementary, I was introduced to the Liberty Learning Foundation,” Girtman said. “A friend by the name of Ralph Bellamy mentioned it to me during a conversation about how to get our students more involved. During those final three years, our student’s academic progress went up over 30 percent, discipline issues declined by about 40 percent and a large increase in student efficacy.”

Girtman is a teacher and educator at his core, but felt a calling to move to a leadership position in education. He first envisioned possibly becoming a superintendent, but ultimately made the decision to join Liberty Learning on a full-time basis after eight years at Eufaula Elementary.

Liberty Learning helps expand students’ horizons in four different areas: character education, civic responsibility, financial literacy and career development skills.

Girtman said one of the biggest focuses in getting young students to by in to being part of the community and helping to make it a better place.

“We focus a lot on civic responsibility and getting students to take ownership of their citizenship. We show them the importance of being involved, doing community service projects and helping others in the community. While the students are doing these things, they choose someone in their community that embodies the qualities we are teaching. The ‘heroes’ are recognized, and the kids realize that if they can see it, they can be it.”

Since 2010, Liberty Learning has impacted more than 119,000 students in 439 different communities and schools across the state of Alabama. First-fifth grade teachers across the state have access to more then 4,500 education kits and students have honored over 2,400 local community heroes.

Girtman loves making a difference in the community he has called home for nearly 20 years. Just as he did when he walked the halls of Eufaula City Schools as a teacher and administrator, he knows the lessons and values learned early on in life will help for decades to come.

“We are making a difference numbers wise – test scores, office referrals, etc. – and in the intangibles, said Girtman. “Students are taking ownership of themselves and their actions. If we instill these values in our children now – things like value their community, love their country, responsibility of using their education – they will use them forever as powerful tool to help their life.” For more information on Liberty Learning Foundation, visit www.Liberty LearningFoundation.org or email Girtman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..