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Local Business Spotlight: Magnolia and Lace

The three women behind Magnolia & Lace had a simple plan in mind when they created the business.

Delilah Taylor and daughters Kathy Taylor Miles and JoDee Taylor Rovig have used their love of fashion and family to create of on Eufaula’s signature boutiques throughout the last five years.

The boutique, located in the Dogwood Court shopping center on South Eufaula Avenue, married the two loves of the Taylor family together and allowed the ladies to ply the craft in their hometown.

“We had the idea of opening Magnolia and Lace Boutique because we wanted a way to work together as a family and be able to bring our children to work,” said Miles.  “We opened the store five years ago and we only had one baby at the time; since then, there have been three more children and lots and lots of memories made. We also have a love for fashion and a passion for customer service. It was only natural that we would open up a boutique. We get to do what we love every day - buy beautiful clothes at apparel shows and then help people find perfect outfits that make them feel and look great.”

Magnolia and Lace, as most boutiques do, caters towards female clientele and offers dozens of brands and styles to meet the needs of any occasion and preference.

“We sell mainly women's clothing and accessories,” said Miles. “We also sell shoes, children's items, and select gifts. We carry brands such as Silver Jeans, She and Sky, Volatile, Kerisma, Buddy Love, DIFF Sunglasses, FRNCH, Matt & Nat handbags, Kissy Kissy, POL, Erimish, and so many more.”

By specializing in women’s clothes and accessories, the staff at Magnolia and Lace are able to be a part of many different special moments in the life of local citizens.

The opportunity to help someone find the perfect item for that perfect occasion is what keeps the Taylor women going each and every day.

“Our favorite thing about owning the boutique is definitely helping customers,” said Miles. “We have such wonderful support from local Eufaula customers, as well as out of towners. It is so special to help, for example, a customer picks out her first Homecoming outfit, or her wedding earrings, or a date night outfit, or the outfit her baby will wear home from the hospital. We love getting to be a part of that”

Magnolia and Lace recently celebrated their five-year anniversary in business and see no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Taylors love being a part of the Eufaula business scene, and see their business as a dream come true.

“We have such pride in owning a business in Eufaula,” Miles said. “The people of Eufaula have been great to us and have continued to support us for five years, which makes this dream possible.”

For more information about Magnolia and Lace or to see their new arrivals, visit their location at 1560 S. Eufaula Avenue or on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

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