Local Business Spotlight: McKenzie Oil Company

Quality service with a smile.

Dan McKenzie has been offering that at his service stations and convenience stores for more than 40 years, and has no plans for it end anytime soon.

McKenzie Oil Company has been a staple of Eufaula business since 1975, and operates stores from southwest Alabama, the Florida panhandle in addition to the more local venues.

“The business is split between two different areas,” said McKenzie. “We own and operate convenience stores in Florida and Alabama, and also have three car washes. When I first started, we were still scrubbing windshields, checking tires and oil and all of the old stuff,” said McKenzie. “Around 1975, the entire industry changed. To make it in this business you had to have self-serve gasoline and convenience stores.”

As in most businesses, McKenzie said technology has completely changed the industry over the last few decades. Long gone are the days of keeping a paper ledger and running a manual cash register.

McKenzie Markets all across the south can be linked to wholesale grocers, distributors and one another via computer programs and modems. If a price change occurs at the top level of a certain company, the updated information can be transferred to the store computers in a matter of moments.

“The technology has changed so much,” said McKenzie. “When someone walks in to a convenience store, they probably don’t think there is a whole lot of technology involved. However, under that counter, there are all kinds of electronic boards, junction boxes, routers. The computer takes everything and downloads it to different folders at different levels

Dan’s wife, Martha, has worked with him since the 1970’s, and said he is always on the forefront of updates and innovation to make the experience better for their customers.

“If Dan hears of a change that is coming in the next three months, he will go ahead and make it right then,” said Martha. “He doesn’t wait until the change has to be made, he wants to be in front of it and make it right for the employees and the customers.”

While business is thriving in other areas where their stores are located, Dan has never thought about moving the home office.

Eufaula is home to him, and always will be.

“The home has always been here,” said McKenzie. “Even though I have had businesses in other towns, Eufaula has always been the choice for the home office. It is a fantastic place to live and to raise a family.”

McKenzie Oil locations can be found throughout the Florida panhandle, and south Alabama. Stop in at one on your next trip across town or across the country. You won’t be disappointed