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Local Business Spotlight: Mossy Oak Properties/Jones Appraisals

Tom Jones has dabbled with real estate his entire life, and made it his career following a stint in Vietnam in the Marines from 1969-71.

Upon returning stateside, Jones began appraising properties for the then-Johnston-Clark Company in 1971. During the same time, he served as a cost estimator for Broadview Homes, and earned his real estate license in 1972.

In 1985, Jones opened an appraisal firm and two years later added in-house real estate sales to the services offered.

Jones and staff work every day to help residents find the ideal house or tract of land they are searching for, and always put the customer first.

“We just love to help people find exactly what they are looking for,” said Stephanie Hawkins, Real Estate Agent and Office Manager at Mossy Oak Properties of Eufaula. “We want to find the customer’s dream home or piece of land they can build their future on. Our main goal is to make sure their dreams are realized.”

The Mossy Oak Properties/Jones Appraisals office is, as you might think, actually two businesses under one roof.

The real estate arm of the business functions as most real estate offices does. Agents work with potential buyers to find the perfect fit for home, commercial property or recreational land. While the name of the company might draw images of buck deer and largemouth bass, Hawkins says the business sales are more split that one might think.

“Our business is 50/50 between residential and recreational,” said Hawkins. “There is a little misconception sometimes where people see the logo and think that it’s just land. We do quite a bit of marketing through social media and other things to keep our name out there and remind everyone that we can help with any real estate need.”

Jones Appraisals, which pre-dates the real estate business by a couple of years, works with banks and private citizens to assess values of properties and homes.

“Any time you have a situation such as refinancing or buying a home, commercial property or land, the bank will hire an appraiser to do research on the comparative market and all other houses that have sold,” Hawkins said. “The bank will hire the appraiser to assess the value of the property. The appraisal side of the business here also does estate, tax and personal appraisals as well.”

Hawkins is a native Eufaulian, but spent a few years living and working in Birmingham, and says she is proud to be back home.

“Eufaula is special,” Hawkins said. “The small-town charm makes our town unique and we have things to offer here that nowhere else in the area can.”

For more information on the services offered by Mossy Oak Properties/Jones Appraisals, visit or call 334.687.3690.

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