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Local Business Spotlight: Poly-Fabricators, Inc.

For more than three decades, Poly-Fabricators has kept the timber and paper production business rolling without ever wielding a saw.

The company, now owned by Sam Lemaistre, makes parts used in some of the most-complex machines in the world, and does it right here in Eufaula.

Current General Manager Will Moore says the local company makes products for many nationally known corporations.

“We make custom fabricated plastic parts for pulp and paper machines,” said Moore. “Our biggest customers are companies such as WestRock, International Paper, Georgia Pacific and others that may not be household names. Our parts are made for the ‘wet end’ of the machines. “

A team of nearly a dozen skilled workers create different interior components for paper and pulp machines. Products such as uhle box strips, head box deckles, drainage equipment, wire curlers and more are made in Eufaula and shipped throughout the southeast and across the United States, sometimes less than 24 hours after an order is placed.

Moore praised his staff for their craftmanship and diligence in the process, saying that most of the training is done on the job floor at Poly-Fab.

“The process is very labor intensive and all of parts are custom made,” said Moore. “Our employees do a great job getting things right. There are no two things that are the same on these paper machines. You can’t take something off paper machine one and put it on paper machine two. Every order is different.”

Moore is not a native Eufaulian, but has been a resident for a number of years.

He enjoys being a part of the community and sees the quality of life for residents getting better as the months change in to years.

“I am not originally from Eufaula, said Moore. “I visited the area with my wife when we first started dating, and instantly liked it. When the opportunity came open for a job here, it was a no-brainer for me. I am excited to raise my kids and watch them grow up in a similar environment that I did.”

Lemaistre, who has owned Poly-Fab since 2010 and a life-long Eufaula resident, agrees with Moore and says the company is proud to be a part of the local community and workforce.

“We do our share to contribute back to the community even though we don’t sell retail product to anyone in Eufaula,” said Lemaistre. “We feel an obligation and are happy to participate in different civic activities, supporting the local school systems and help others live the life they want.”

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