Local Business Spotlight: Register Computer Solutions

Many people are well in to their twenties before they figure what their lifelong career will be.

However, Wes Register knew what he wanted to do by the time he arrived in elementary school.

Register owns Register Computer solutions, a computer repair and IT shop, in Eufaula and enjoys each day of being elbow deep in mother boards, hard drives, multi-colored wires and other electrical goodies.

“My parents bought me my first computer when I was about six years old,” Register said. “I was lucky in that I always knew what I wanted to do in life, even when I was little. I started Register Computer Solutions in 2006 and have loved every second of it.”

Register Computer Solutions can lend a hand in nearly every facet of one’s electrical needs. The business is more than removing viruses from computers. Register can customize your home and business to fit nearly every want or need you have.

“We can handle almost anything IT related,” said Register. “We do computer sales and repairs, home theatre set-up and instillation and phone/security camera installation for homes and businesses. We can help clients with website construction, wireless set-up and maintenances and any sort of IT lines.”

As long as Register is working with computers, electronics or other gadgets, he is in his happy place at work. However, he did say there is one part of the career that is his personal favorite.

“Wiring new buildings and setting up networks is perhaps my favorite thing I get to do at my job,” said Register. “I’m a guy that has to have a plan about everything, and I love to go in to a building that has nothing, get the customer to tell me what they want and then I take care of. I am able to map it all out in my head and make a plan. At the end job, when it all comes together, the gratification you get you’re your customer makes it all worth it.”

Registers parents owned and operated a convenience store while he was a youngster, and the values he learned stocking shelves, mopping floors and answering customers questions instilled a work ethic that is still used to this day.

“It all boils down to helping people,” said Register. “You never know what call will be next. I could be hooking up a camera system in the morning and installing a home theatre in the afternoon. There are times when people are in a dire situation and you are able to help them through it. That is what keeps me going every day.”

For more information on Register Computer Solutions and how he can help you, give Wes a call today at 334.616.7649.