Local Business Spotlight: River City BBQ

Troy Fraser grew up among the hustle and bustle of inner city Toronto. However, he is right at home in the slow-paced life of Eufaula.

Fraser, owner of River City BBQ, took a chance on the business venture a few years ago, and moved his life from the 2.6 million population of the northern shore of Lake Ontario to 14,000 population on the western banks of Lake Eufaula.

As you might imagine, the move took some getting used to.

“The weather down here is much hotter than what I was used to,” Fraser said. “Here it is in January and it’s nice, but it’s probably snowing and freezing cold in Toronto. But one great thing, are the people here are quite a bit nicer and friendlier. That helped the process of owning this business go a smoother.”

Fraser found River City BBQ for sale online, and was immediately interested. A few calls and a trip south later, he was a business owner at just 21 years old.

The first few months had their ups and downs as Fraser got used to owning and running a business, and his employees grew used to taking commands from someone much younger than they.

River City BBQ offers traditional barbecue meats - pork, ribs, chicken and beef brisket – as well as homemade sides. Each meat requires different techniques, and Pit Master Fraser enjoys it all.

“I love to cook the chicken the most,” said Fraser. “You can cook it a little faster, where the butts and brisket can take all day. Brisket takes the most concentration and time because if you don’t do everything just right, it won’t taste as good.”

Located at 1366 N. Eufaula Avenue, River City BBQ can cater any event you need. For more information, contact them at 334.232.7201 or on Facebook at @rivercitybbq.

“We do a little bit of everything,” Fraser said. “We have sandwiches, plates, wraps and our popular potatoes. We would love to cater anyone’s event, and help them make their event a success.”