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Local Business Spotlight: RSVP of Barbour County

The retired senior citizens of Barbour County have punched the clock for years and put their time in. However, some aren’t quite finished yet.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) allows those seniors who are not ready, or not wanting, to stay at home after their working careers an opportunity to be a part of the community workforce as a volunteer.

RSVP of Barbour County currently sends 163 volunteers to help out at businesses and organizations throughout the city of Eufaula and Barbour County.

“Our group loves to volunteer in the community,” said Shelia Johnson, Executive Director of RSVP. “All a company needs to do is reach out to our office, and will coordinate with our volunteers to meet the needs of everyone.”

The benefits of using the RSVP service is two-fold. On one hand, a company receives a motivated, experienced worker and on the other, the volunteer is able to be a part of the workforce that he or she has been in for decades.

“When you look at the two options, companies might want to use a volunteer instead of paying someone,” Johnson said. “Our volunteers are just that: volunteers. When you call, they are ready and willing to do almost any job asked of them.”

The RSVP program is currently on the hunt for more service stations in the community. Service stations are local businesses or offices that can and would utilize RSVP workers in the workplace.

To be a service station, simply contact the RSVP office to get the process started. The initial agreement between RSVP and the potential service station is for three years, with the option to renew after the time period.

“Once they reach out to us, we will visit their business and go over our Memorandum of Understanding with them,” Johnson said. “If they have any questions, we will do our best to answer every detail and make the volunteer experience as good for them as it is for us and the volunteers.”

If you are interested in being a RSVP volunteer, call Johnson at 334. 687.6055 for more information.

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