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Local Business Spotlight: Superior Pecan and Gifts

It’s a unique place. And that’s just the way they like it.

Superior Pecans has been a part of Eufaula for the better part of a century. But the move to East Broad Street two years ago put a new twist on the old business.

Stepping in to new Superior Pecan storefront, one is immediately surrounded in an inviting, cozy atmosphere. The smell of freshly-brewed Rooster Brand coffee bounces off every wall, and the tables and furniture pieces are jam packed with gifts, candies, jellies, peanuts, cashews and of course, pecans!

The company has offered retail sales and gifts for years, but business picked up upon moving to Broad Street in 2015.

“This new location is so much better for retail sales,” said longtime employee Lamarsha Cochran. “At the old store, you either had to be hunting us because someone sent you down there or you stumbled upon us because you were lost. Down here, we are on the main drag. If someone stops downtown, you see us. As far as foot traffic goes, it is night and day different. “

Highway 431 and 82 travelers routinely stop in for a cup of coffee, ice cream cone and relaxing break from the road. Not long after walking in the door, the out-of-towners find out what local Eufaulians have known for years: Superior Pecan is truly…superior.

When Anthony Germain, along with his parents Brad and Jan Shoffit, purchase Superior in 2011, they knew they had a successful business.

“The name of Superior Pecan was the first thing that attracted me,” said Germain. “Superior has been in business since 1934, and that brand name told me that we were not going to be starting from scratch. The biggest thing is getting your brand out there and letting people know who you are, and we already had a pretty good start.”

With the holiday season drawing near, the staff at Superior is busy getting ready. In addition to offering a wide selection of tasty treats and nifty gifts, the store also offers custom gift boxes and bags and complimentary gift wrapping. The boxes and bags can be customized to fit any budget or taste.

Perhaps the biggest seller for Superior during the holidays is its signature hand-stacked pecan boxes. The “hand stacks” are a hit year-round, but especially after the air turns crisp and Santa is making his list.

“Our hand stacks are probably our biggest product for the Christmas season,” said Cochran. “It’s a clear plastic container with natural pecans that are hand stacked. We do that every year, and it really is our signature item. The Nut Ladies come in to do those hand stacks. They are all retired ladies and are a hoot to work with. They lovingly stack each box, and that is what makes it so special.”

Germain and family moved to Eufaula when he was in high school. He has since moved on in his professional life but always makes time to come home. He is still very much involved in the business, and loves that some of the of small-town principles of deal making still hold value in Eufaula.

“The people here are so sincere, said Germain. “You can do a lot of things with a handshake, and that isn’t common in a lot of places now. You feel like you’re at home here. I love going out to mom and dad’s house at the pecan orchard. It’s a peaceful place.”

For more information on Superior Pecans, visit or visit their store at 117 E. Broad Street in Downtown Eufaula.

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