Local Business Spotlight: Zaxby's

For Ken Green, placing one of his restaurant franchises in Eufaula was a no-brainer. He just had to find the right location.

Once the perfect spot opened up, Green locked it down, made the deal and Eufaula scored a brand new Zaxby’s.

Green owns a variety of restaurant franchises on both sides of the Chattahoochee Valley, but has always considered Eufaula as one of the more special places in his life.

“I’ve been a Zaxby’s franchisee for going on 20 years,” Green said. “So, when the opportunity came to get the territory for the Eufaula market, I jumped at the chance. We have always lived close by; my kids went to school here; so, it was just a natural fit. The opportunity for the space along Highway 431 was extra incentive. It came together for a pretty perfect package.”

The first Zaxby’s was founded in Statesboro, Ga in 1990, and over the last 28 years the company has blossomed in to a semi-national with more than 800 locations in 17 states.

The rapid growth of the company can be attributed to its simple, yet delicious menu of chicken dishes. Chicken fingers and crinkle fries are what brought Zaxby’s to the dance nearly three decades ago, and according to Jonathan Wilborn, general manager of the Eufaula location, it is still the go-to menu item for most customers.

But for those looking for something a little lighter, Zaxby’s offers their signature Zalads.

Zalads are traditional salad recipes topped with Zaxby’s signature chicken and sauce flavors.

“The chicken tenders are still the signature items,” said Wilborn. “But some years ago, we introduced the salads. Offering salads helped expand the customer base a bit. With the salad offerings, we have an item to pair with the hearty chicken dinner in case someone wanted something a touch lighter.”

With the location fronting Highway 431, the Eufaula Zaxby’s sees thousands of beach travelers every spring and summer, and many football fans during the fall.

Wilborn said no two days are ever the same, but no matter what issue arises he and his staff are concentrated on one thing: quality service.

I enjoy helping people,” said Wilborn. “I didn’t envision myself in the food service industry when I was younger, but here I am. I enjoy every day and get satisfaction with helping others. This is my way of helping people. Folks have to eat, so here I am to serve.”